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Saturday, February 20, 2010


I'm assuming that all my readers are Pinoys that's why I use Butiti as the subject of this post. Yeah, Butiti... that's me now. (sigh) My tummy is growing just like Butiti and I wonder of what the cause is. Though I know that I've been eating sweets lately like the Girl Scout cookies and chocolates before and after Valentines Day but I've been eating too much rice too plus no exercise. I know that there's no reason for me not to have time for exercise if I really want to but I guess I need an inspiration to motivate me. I tried not to spend too much on the internet anymore but then I found some TV shows that I'm very interested in... "The Doctors" and "Doctor Oz" shows. Those shows are very educational so I watch them almost every day. I wonder how other women manage their time. I really don't want to become Butiti. I guess it's nice if there's someone out there who would like to become my walking buddy thru the internet. Sounds weird? I think so. I was thinking that walking with somebody in person is kind of impossible coz everybody's busy and have different schedules so I thought that maybe a friend online who also commit to walk every day if possible might be a good start. Anybody interested?

1 comment:

Twerlyn said...

kung duulay lang ta chelle, makig walk ko nimo kay butiti sad ko,akoa ra ginatabunan akong tiyan hehe