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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Funny Kids

I was reading the Parents Magazine and had a good laugh of how kids think. So here I am sharing the best medicine. Enjoy! ^_^

Small Talk (from Melissa, North Dakota)

My 14 month old son was babbling to his 5 yr. old brother, Ben. All of a sudden, Ben turned to him and said, "Dude, I don't speak your language".

Mixed Menu (from Tiffany, Iowa)

I noticed that my 4 yr. old niece, Abby, had picked up a slice of cheese and a piece of cake from the buffet at a family gathering. When I asked her what she was eating, Abby looked at her plate and said "matter-of-factly, Cheesecake".

Body Art (from Kate, Michigan)

On a family trip to the beach, my 4 yr. old nephew, Alex, was walking to the bathroom with his father behind a man with tattoos all over his back. Alex looked at his dad and said, "Uh-oh. Looks like someone got a little crazy with the markers".

Making Cents (from Abigail, California)

My 6 yr. old, Hayden, was talking to her grandfather about our family's heritage. He observed that I was one-half Swedish, which made her one-quarter Swedish. Hayden quickly replied, "So, when I have kids they will be one penny Swedish".

Dirty Fun (from Sarah, Maine)

I came into the living room to find my 3 yr. old son, Damien, sitting in his chair squeezing a bottle of aloe-vera gel onto the floor. I asked what he was doing, and without looking up he said, "Just making a mess".

Character Confusion (from Shimaali, California)

While looking at an outdated books of planets with my son, Diren, 3, I explained to him that Pluto had been taken off the planet list. He thought for a while and then said, "Did Mickey get taken off the list too?"

The Meal Deal (from Karin, Ohio)

I was fixing a whole chicken for dinner and asked my kids which was their favorite piece to eat. My 4 yr. old son, Connor, said he liked the hands. I explained that chickens don't have hands, and he said, "But what about chicken fingers?"


Gorgeous MUM said...

Those were funny! Kids' minds are really amazing!

Have a joyful weekend!

Michelle said...

Thanks for dropping by again Sheng. Have a wonderful weekend! :)

Mayet said...

really funny!!!
have a lovely wkend.

NovaS said...

i was cracking out here.. thanks for sharing this jokes...

Ilocana said...

I always get a dose of those from time to time from my two kids.. Boy, they are funny, :D

Lynn said...

very smart kids and very direct too. LOL.

Michelle said...

Thanks ladies for dropping by. Kids are really funny. ^_^

Rocks said...

Kids say the funniest thing :)) I had a good laugh! thanks!

Michelle said...

Rocks: I'm glad that you had a good laugh too. ^_^