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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Daddy, you can let go now

A very nice video shared by my friend in facebook. I was teary-eyed while watching this, deeply touched coz my father died when I was 8 yrs. old. Growing up without him made me think most of the time of what my life would be like if he's still alive. I know most of us can relate to this video. Enjoy!


Gorgeous MUM said...

Nice and touching video. Soon, that will be your dearest Hubby and your little girl!

Ilocana said...

early in the morning, you're the first blog I visited, and what did I get??? LUHA !!! hahaha! sobra, kaka-touch talaga. brought back memories of the "two" great men of my life, my real father and the one who adopted me.. the sad thing is,they were both in heaven na... This video, speaks alot about them. My "adopted" dad thought me how to ride the bike for the very first time while my real dad showed me the path where I was in now, sayang nga lang he didn't live longer to see/be in my wedding...

oh well, thanks for sharing, I know how it feels,, obvious ba,,hahaha!

teka, puede ko ng entry to sa blog ko ah, harharhar!

Michelle said...

Gorgeous MUM: I was imagining that too. Though she's a mommy's girl now, I'm sure she'll have that happy moments with her dad in the future. This video perfectly fit to any father-daugther relationship. :)

Ilocana: sorry if I made you cry. It was my step-father also who taught me how to ride a motorcyle and he did exactly the same thing of what that dad in the video did to his daughter with the bike, but i still miss my biological father. :)