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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Foods and Friends

Last Sunday my friend told me to go to her house coz she's cooking something. Little did I know that she cooked a lot of foods. Some of my friends were there too. I wasn't able to eat all the foods served coz my tummy was already full after eating some but I tried them all at home with my bring-house. haha

Eating and chit chatting.

Nag ibtanay ug kilay. hehe


Gorgeous MUM said...

Wow, sarap naman . . . good food and good company!

Got a tag for you! Here's the link.

Lynn said...

yummy food pero murag mas lingaw ata nang inibtanay og kilay da. LOL.

happy heart's day!

Michelle said...

Gorgeous MUM: thanks for the tag. :)

Lynn: hahaha labaw, lingaw jud ang inibtanay ug kilay. :)