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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


That's what I've been feeling lately. I tried to figure out what causes it and decided to spend LESS time on the internet, TV and even tried taking a nap. But then I still have headaches during the day and when it's bed time. I was thinking that maybe I need some caffeine coz I'm drinking water again and my soda is caffeine free. I remember my friend who says that she'll have headache if she can't drink coffee. Three nights in a row I took advil coz I can't sleep because of the headache but not last night after hubby said that maybe I can't do the lent seriously just like him. I wasn't thinking of that but I'm fasting if I can plus the laziness of cooking hit me lately. He doesn't think that computer, TV or reading magazines (which is what I did lately) can cause headache. He thinks I'm just sick coz there are illnesses going around. So he said that maybe it's about my sugar level and that I should try eating cookies or chocolate again which of course made me happy though I wanted to avoid them coz I don't want to become a big momma and I don't want to have diabetes. It did work though, after hubby told me to eat sweets I grab a couple of M&M's with peanuts and my headache was not so bad anymore. I also ate some cookies that a friend of mine gave me and last night I tried to sleep without taking advil and yeah, I was able to sleep. Boy, was he right! ^_^

1 comment:

Lynn said...

same here sis. have had headaches lately. stress ka lang siguro sis.