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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Big Mall's Play Area

Last week Claira and I went to the Big Mall to shop and Claira enjoyed running/walking around the play area. I decided to bring her back there again so she can see/play with other kids. We're lucky today coz we met new friends, two Filipinas who also have kids playing at the play area also. We talked while our kids were playing and exchanging numbers. We'll go back next week and meet at the same place again. Here are the pictures today...


WebbieLady said...

Parang kailan lang.... she's already big and running!

Mayet said...

looks like she had fun!
btw, you are one of my top 10 ec droppers. I have put your button in my thank you note.check it in my blog.;-)

Mayet said...

oops,forgot to leave my url

take care!!