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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Something New

I went to the Asian Market yesterday to buy fresh vegetables and ingredients for Alton Brown's catfish soup using the Japanese style of making a soup. I bought the thai ginger the other week and yesterday I was looking for the ingredients of making dashi (japanese stock) using kombu and bonito flakes. I was glad that the chinese guy which is the owner of the store was there coz he helped me looked for the kombu and bonito flakes. Now all I need is to buy the freshest catfish for the catfish soup recipe. It's a mixture of I think thai and japanese ingredients but Alton Brown said that he liked it. Hmmm I hope my first try will be delicioso. hehe This is something new and interesting. I am excited to taste it. Wish me luck! :)


NovaS said...

good luck sa imong new experiment day...

Lynn said...

ignorante jud ko anang hito sis ba. di jud ko mukaon ana maskin pa unsaon nilag ingon nga lami. hehe.

Michelle said...

NovaS: thanks! :)

Lynn: nah maningkamot na lang ko ug testing kay usa na sa isda nga available diri nga fresh. saon, layo man tawn mi ug dagat. hehe lami baya sya sis basta fresh. :)

Jules said...

Good luck! =D Sarapan mo sister. =D

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Michelle said...

Jules: Thanks! And yeah, dapat masarap. hehe

call boy from davao said...

padala sa amo para matilawan. hehe ^_^ visiting here. good luck with your experiment ^_^

Call Boy From Davao

Cindy said...

Good luck in making the soup! I've always love konbu because they brings out a lot of flavor to the dashi. Tell me how it went! =)

Gorgeous MUM said...

From a loving Mum to another . . . Have a gorgeous Mother's Day!