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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Child Rearing

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Raising a child is not easy especially if you want the best for your child. Though we learn something from other people's experiences, for sure our own child is different from other people's kids. There are different types of moms that I know, over protective mom, I don't care mom, those who want to be the best mom and etc. In my case I want to be the best mom as I can be. Raising a child is a challenge to parents especially to moms who are there 24/7 with their child. I'm glad that my friends had kids before me and hearing their problems with their kids gave me the opportunity to know what to do if I experience the same thing. But as I said before in my other post that there's no one size fit all style of discipline, I have to experiment of what works for me and my child. I hate to admit that I spanked Claira a couple times which breaks my heart after seeing her cry but I thought that was the right thing to do then. Then I remember that I don't like the feeling of being spanked by my mom and I know that if I keep on doing it, it will become a habit. I told my friends about it and they told me their experiences and etc. For me it's not enough, I have to do more than just listen. I spent a lot of time reading books, magazines, watch YouTube videos, search the internet, watch clips of TV shows about spanking and I don't care if I sleep at 4:00 am, I just want to know what I need to know. Since then, I never spanked Claira again. The time I spent looking for good answers is so worth it. Parenting doesn't end 'til you die. And even if Claira didn't give me a big problem yet, I still read what I need to read, watch videos that I need to watch to gain more knowledge about parenting and babies/toddlers. It's nice to know that there are tips, tricks and games that I can use if one doesn't work. We just need to spend time to find answers of our questions and not just sit and wait for answers to come to us coz that's not how it works. If my child doesn't grow the way I want her to be, I'll still be proud of myself for doing my best but I'm hoping that my child will turn out to be a good and successful person so I can pat my back and tell myself... job well done mama.


NovaS said...

that is true...all we want is BEST for our child... i make sure that our son/kids will be raised the same way we were raised.

Twerlyn said...

sureness jud Chelle , dili jud sayon mag raise sa baby/toddler ..tanan pasencia naa jud ta kay pildi ta kung gamay ra atong pacencia. c bienne naman pitik ra ang katapat aron binut-an like what i shared b4..hadlok cia sa pitik kay sakit.

Michelle said...

NovaS: maayo gyud ng best atong ihatag sa atong anak aron di magbasol kung ma tigols na ta. :)

Twerlyn: maayo kay hadlok si bienne bisan pitik ra, ang uban bata gahi gyud ug ulo, gahi pa sa bato. haha mao kinahanglan jud pasensya ug naa ra sad na sa mama kung giunsa pag disiplina. :)