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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hide and Seek

That's what Claira and I do every now and then. I pity Claira for not having friends around to play with her just like when I was growing up. So now I act like a kid and as Claira's playmate. More and more people noticed that Claira is a happy baby. So I thought, maybe I did something right. :)

Life is like a hide and seek game. You hide your emotions, problems and etc. then you seek for solutions and answers. Others do the opposite. They seek problems that are not suppose to be there and hide their emotions for some reason. I don't get it. I prefer to play hide and seek game with my baby coz it's fun. ^_^

Expressing your feelings in writing is good for the soul and that's one of the reasons why I blog. It's such a nice feeling that you can write what's in your mind if you can't share it personally coz here in US everybody's busy. No chitchats with neighbors and if you're lucky you can say hi and hello (kung manggawas sila sa ilang langub). I appreciate receiving nice and polite comments and wawa those who leave harsh comments kay di gyud nako i-publish para di ka mosikat (sikatsupoy raka). haha So if you think of saying something that is not good then keep it to yourself. I don't need to know it and I think nobody wants to know either. If you want to criticize others (kay nangatol imong kurikungon nga utok), I would suggest that you look at yourself on the mirror and see if there's nothing to criticize about you. We want peace right? Give that peace to yourself... and to others.


Ilocana said...

wow, you left something heavy at the very end! sinong kagalit mo gyud??? hehehe.. can't resist :)

Michelle said...

I just don't get it why there are people who love to criticize others and love to whine when there are so many things to be grateful about. nakakasawa pakinggan. they probably are unaware of it but it's not doing any good to anybody. it's like saying "hey, i'm toxic" but i think they don't know that that's the message they're sending. :)