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Saturday, April 24, 2010

High School Life

... is unforgetable. I heard from my classmates that on our graduation day we will cry because we're going to separate ways, going to college taking different courses and will miss each other. But I didn't cry on our graduation day. I was looking forward to end it coz I had misunderstandings with some of my classmates. There's jealousy and teasing which I can't stand anymore. To make the story short, I moved on and many things happened when I was in College and after College. I didn't have contacts with my High School classmates and I didn't know if they were thinking of me. I was thankful that I joined Friendster coz I found some of my classmates there but I'm very thankful that I joined Facebook coz I found long lost friends and those that I had misunderstandings with. We are friends again and I accept the apology of my close friend who was jealous if I talk to other gals. I never thought that she was thinking about me for years or let's say more than a decade. I'm glad that she's here in US too and have a good life. She called me on the phone as soon as I gave her my number and she reminded me of the past that I forgot already. I admit that my memory is not very good especially when it comes to names and faces. I'm just happy that I am reconnected with my classmates and old friends in High School again. Thanks to the internet. ^_^


Twerlyn said...

oi nice nag friends mo ulit..bitaw basta HS daghan jud ibog-ibog inig muamiga kag lain,hehe! naka experience sad ko exactly jud ana..luoy tong isa nako amiga kay d man ko ipaamiga sa iya kay ibog akong bestfriend hehe mao to,nag amiga mi ulit ato after 15 years na thru friendster naman and now fb. cute diba..lingaw.

Michelle said...

lingaw jud kaayo. never thought that my classmates in HS were talking about me of where I'm at kung magkita sila. controversial gud akong life sa HS. haha ako tong bestfriend at first ang nitawag nako then ni distansya ko sa iya kay grabe ka selosa, suko sya ug naa makigstorya nako lain. anyways, she was laughing about it and apologize of what she did. now we're friends again, talking about recipes and our new life. it's nice to remember about the good old days. makatawa ko mag huna2. haha