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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shopping is Hardwork

... especially with a baby but I have to shop for some new clothes coz my old clothes are getting smaller. haha No, my tummy is getting bigger from lack of exercise. Oh well, now I have to face the consequence.

Anyways, Claira and I went out shopping today. I was having a hard time fitting the clothes I chose coz Claira's complaining. If it takes time to shop before Claira was born, now it's doubled coz I have to entertain her or give her something to eat and fit the clothes at the same time. She was probably bored and hungry so I decided to feed her before going to the next store. While I was feeding Claira at the Food Court, the kids at the play area were having fun playing and screaming. Claira was curious of what happen so she stand up on her car seat to have a better view and scream also when the kids scream. I can see in her reaction that she wants to join with the kids coz of her excitement so after she finished eating, we went to the play area so she can play. She wants to play with the other kids but the kids were avoiding her. The parents of the kids were reminding them to be careful coz there's a baby around which is good. Claira had a big smile, screaming as if she's part of the game, walking and running around. It was her first time in the play area and she enjoyed it. She only started to walk away when I think she had enough plus the kids didn't play with her.

Though I was having a hard time shopping with her, seeing her smile makes me smile too. It's just priceless. Now I'm thinking of going back there someday so Claira can run and play with other kids at the play area. :)


tagasamar said...

I was looking for a mango float recipe and I happen to open you blog. I really admire you posting all this filipino recipes and it looks like you are a good cook. I love to coke and try new recipes. Actually I have not tasted a mango float yet and my niece wants me to make one. I am going to try this recipe today. In your recipe it calls for heavy cream is it a cup or table spoon? I just want to be exact. Thank a lot. Bye

Michelle said...

thanks for dropping by tagasamar. honestly, i don't measure the heavy cream. it depends if you want it sweet or not so sweet. i am now making another version of mango float but an easy one, no measurement needed. i use 1 can of condensed milk and mix it with 2 cans of nestle cream. :)

Gorgeous MUM said...

Yes, shopping with a toddler can be quite hard. That is the time that they are very inquisitive of their surroundings and will get bored easily. It is a good bonding time too, showing her how therapeutic shopping is! Hahaha!