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Monday, April 19, 2010

Rain and Sunshine

They don't go together but they sometimes do maybe once in a blue moon. Most of the time we get Mr. Sun or the Rain. I know there are people who love the Sun and others love the Rain. I myself like them both. I like the Sun coz when it shows up it feels like it's telling me "Hi there! It's a new day again. Come and enjoy". And what I love the rain is it cleans the dusty road and my dusty car. It's like a free carwash, less work for me and more time to spend with my baby. Cool right? But there's more to that than cleaning dust on earth. I love the rain because the thirsty plants can drink water. I love the nature and seeing them makes me feel good, it's very relaxing and calming.

I know we all experience having rains and sunshines in our life. Problems, hindrances, trials, worries and there are happy memories, joy, fun and laughter too. Life is always like that. We can't escape from the negative thoughts and problems as long as we live. That's part of our life and if we don't have it then life is boring, no meaning and purpose. Did you think of it that way? Maybe not or maybe you do. Well, I can't blame you. I was a negative thinker before coz at that time I thought "I'd rather think negatively so if something happen, I won't be so hurt". As what others say, don't expect too much so you won't be disappointed. I guess. But what if something good happen? I would say, "Expect the unexpected!". ^_^ Just kidding... but sometimes it really happen coz it happened to me.

Anyways, wherever you are at this moment, whatever situation you have right now, always remember that there's rainbow after the rain and there's light at the end of the tunnel. Good Luck! :)

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