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Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Amy

Here we are last night at the Thai resto. It's my friend Amy's Birthday treat. Everybody enjoyed the foods. After dinner we went to Joe Mugs for a cup of coffee and had more chitchats. We went home full and brought a to go box from our leftover. haha

Here we are with our to go box. :)

Chika to the max sa parking lot before going home. haha


Lynndee said...

happy birthday to her! *wink*

haven't tried a thai resto yet. unsa bay lami nga thai food? diba more on spicy sila?

Michelle said...

naa sila spicy pero naa sad dili. ok ra baya diay bisan spicy basta di lang higupon ang sabaw kay naa sa sabaw ang grabe nga spice. lami sis, ang presyo sad lami. haha

Ilocana said...

hey, thanks for featuring me hehehe. gee, nawala na naman ako sa blog circulation,,concentrating too much in fb kasi, :D

anyway, thanks again Michelle :)

Michelle said...

You're welcome! :)