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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fil-Am Santacruzan 2010

It's Claira's first Santacruzan this year coz last year she was too little to appreciate it. Besides, we're sleep deprived last year and attending any event was not a priority in our list yet. This year I want Claira to witness the Filipino tradition of having the Santacruzan though she still doesn't have any idea of what's going on but at least she have some photos and memories to cherish when she grow up. Claira was observing of what the people around were doing and was behaving. Here are the photos...

Claira with her angel friends. :)

She laughed when she saw the paparazzi. haha

The angels getting ready to parade outside.

Here they are...

Inside the Church with the angels, Reyna's and Mama Mary. :)


Lynndee said...

it's nice to know nga gina practice gihapon sa mga pinoy diha ang nakasanayan na diri. by next year, apil na si Claira sa mga angels. (",)

Michelle said...

mao gyud. giingnan nako nga next yr apil na si claira. :)

Ilocana said...

nice pics :)

Michelle said...