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Monday, June 28, 2010

A Date with Claira

Claira's been fussy and whining lately, maybe because she's teething that's why she's not feeling good and doesn't want to be alone. We noticed that if there's something interesting, she'll forget the pain from her gums. So today I decided to have a date with Claira. We went to Toys R Us to buy a birthday gift for my friend's daughter then we went to an Italian restaurant for lunch. Claira enjoyed looking around and imitating other kids scream. She's really a good imitator. She also enjoyed looking out the window where she saw the cars, trucks and motorcycle passing by. After lunch we went to the Mall so Claira can play at the play area. I'm glad that we went there coz for the first time, she was able to climb, jump or just go up and down the big toys there. She really had fun playing today. We went home before hubby arrive home from work and then we went out again for dinner at the Greek restaurant. A busy day for me but I'm glad that I did what I did today. I will difinitely do it again... and maybe with a friend. :)

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