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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Siopao! Anyone?

I really need more sleep today coz I went to bed at 4 am today trying to finish the packing and writing a letter for my sister and cousin about the balikbayan boxes. I woke up before 8 am, trying to get ready before my friend and her boyfriend arrive to pick up the balikbayan boxes. I then decided to give her something since she gave me a fish stew last year after I gave birth to Claira. I called her again today and told her about our new address then asked her about the "something" that I want to give her. She said yeah so I prepare the little something for her and when she arrived here, she handed me a plastic bag. I didn't expect that she'll bring something for me too but I'm so happy that she did coz it's one of my favorites... the siopao. haha A very perfect timing coz I'm hungry already. As soon as they left, I reheated the siopao and ate it for my lunch. I have 3 more left which will save me time to cook and prepare for my meal. Yeyyy!!! ^_^


NovaS said...

wow! i love siopao... i wish to know the recipe so i can make one...

Michelle said...

go to Nov. there are lots of yummy pinoy recipes in that website. :)

Lynn said...

haven't had siopao for a while. it's one of my favs, sis. naa pa man kaha duha? ako na nang isa. hehe.

Michelle said...

dugay man ka reply sis, gihurot na hinuon nako. next time na lang, akong i-email nimo. hahaha