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Friday, July 2, 2010

Sleeping like a big girl

I'm talking about my little one. Today she's been busy playing at home after we went out shopping this afternoon. She's been practicing to talk now though she's the only one who knows what she said but at least she tried. I know, soon she'll be able to pronounce the right words correctly.

I was busy cooking for dinner and Claira was playing by herself. She went to her room and I heard her talking as if she's talking to somebody else then suddenly she became quiet. I thought she did something interesting that made her stop from talking so I just continue of what I did. I then decided to bring her outside while waiting for hubby to come home from work and when I check on her in her bedroom she's already asleep. I was like "wow", for the first time she sleep in her bed by herself without my help. It amaze me coz lately she wants me to be with her when it's her bedtime. I hope she'll just go to her bed when she's realdy to sleep from now on so I can do what I need to do and won't waste my time watching and waiting for her til she sleep.


Twerlyn said...

laag ko dre Chelle..dako na Claira! and mag talk na! hehe! Musta?when gani to plan nimo dugangan c Claira?hehe! ako sa December this year mag start na ko buntis..hehe!

Michelle said...

oks lang gihapon. na busy ang beauty sa mga party ug pag prepare before niari ang akong cousin. dugangan namo si claira hopefully this year. basin next month kung mahiluna na akong cousin kay lisod kung buntis nga gawas2 balay. :)