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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The nurse at the nursing home where my MIL is suggested Hospice for my MIL. It's already 2 weeks that she didn't eat right and most of the days she's not eating anything at all. Today hubby learned from the nurses that my MIL is spitting her medicines coz she doesn't want them. She's now skin and bones and the nurses at the nursing home thinks that she's dying.


Lynn said...

this reminded me of BA's mom. she's not eating anymore like 3-4 weeks before she passed. and payat na daw kaayo siya. wala silay mahimo kay isuka man niya food pati iya meds. :(

Michelle said...

yeah, i think that's one sign that they're ready to go. the priest told hubby last week that my MIL was ready to go.