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Friday, August 27, 2010

Passing of my MIL

It's been 2 - 3 weeks that my MIL's not eating well. Today she passed away at 5:05 PM, 5 minutes after I arrived in her room at the Hospital. We're hoping that she's now happy in heaven.


Twerlyn said...

Chelle, condolence ha...she's now rest in peace.

NovaS said...

i'm sorry for your lost shell, but we know she's in the better place now...

by the way, please vote for my son at, search for his name Chaos... thanks

vivacious wife said...

im sorry to hear mil too passed away aug 7.

Michelle said...

@ Twerlyn: Thanks sis! :)

@ NovaS: Thanks! I tried voting yesterday pero dugay kaayo mo download nya nagsinamok na si Claira. Ako na lang gi off ang comp. Try na sad ko balik unya.

@ Vivacious wife: Condolence to you and your family. They're mission here on earth are already finish. I'm sad and glad at the same time knowing that my MIL won't be able to see her grandchild grow but she also won't be suffering and in pain anymore.

Jenn said...

haven't been blogging lately and i just read this post. condolence mich to u and to ur family! it must have been hard for your family right now. take care!