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Monday, August 16, 2010

Lechon Kawali

I was checking the freezer of what's in there and noticed that I have meat for the lechon kawali. I saw a video of how to cook lechon kawali at so I decided to watch it again and make it the next day coz my cousin is coming over to visit us while hubby is on travel. My expectation is so high but I already have a back up just in case it won't turn out good. We were surprised when my cousin's husband started cutting the lechon kawali coz we heard the crunch. It's the perfect lechon kawali this time! Woohoo!


Lynn said...

my fav!!! yummy!

Michelle said...

first time ni nako nga na perfect na jud ang iya pagka crunchy. sa una walay ayo ang result. at last, katilaw napod ko ug tinuod nga lechon kawali. so happy about the result jud. :)

Jenn said...

you're such a good cook jud mich. you're never scared to experiment. nag crave noon ko ug kawali dah, haha! i check nya ni nako ang recipe sa panlasang pinoy. :)

Michelle said...

thanks jenn! watching videos made me think how easy it is to cook his recipes so I tried the lechon kawali again for I think the 3rd or 4th time. haha I even tried his ube halaya and it turned out perfect. hubby and claira loved it! my next goal is to try the buko pandan. it looked so yummy and easy to make. daghan lami ana nga website ug sayon ra kung kakita ka video. good luck! :)