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Friday, August 13, 2010

My cooking show

I can't imagine to have my own cooking show just like the Food Network chefs but I think I can do it in my own kitchen (dreaming). haha It's already confirmed that I have an avid fan and an audience right away and she's no other than my little one Claira. -_* Hubby's in a business travel so it's just me and Claira in the house. I get so tired of carrying her while cooking so I decided to put her down but she started throwing tantrum coz she wants to be carried. I noticed that what she really wants is to watch what I'm cooking coz she's been saying "Wow!" while I cooked so I decided to bring the ladder (coz she like to climb it) and voila! problem solved. She enjoyed watching me cook and taste the food too.

My audience. hahaha

Caught in the act. :)

The Upo that I cooked, Claira's new favorite. :)

The shrimp, my favorite. I use the sauce of this for the Upo. :)


Jenn said...

haha ka cute sa dalaginding oi mura pud ug korek nagluto kunuhay. :) kalami sa pasayan oi.

Michelle said...

haha lagi, nahan sya tan-aw ug tilaw2 pod. lami jud ang pasayan labi na ug ma ugmaan kay ma soak na ang shrimp sa sauce niya. :)

Lynn said...

#1 fan jud nimo si claira sis pero kahadlok basig maligas. hehe.

Michelle said...

mao pero mora na sya ug unggoy sis kay dali ra makagunit. ako man sad sya i-remind pirmi nga maghinay kay mao jud iyang kalipay ang mosaka-kanaug sa ladder or hagdan. magbantay naman sad sya kay sige naman kahagbong pero di gihapon motagam lagi. :)