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Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Big Day

A busy day for me, hubby and Claira. The visitation started at 9 am in the Church, funeral mass at 10 am then burial. I'm glad to see my friends in the Church to support our family especially hubby during this difficult time. Hubby's co-workers and bosses were there to support him. Everything went successfully. We hired 4 policemen to escort us from the Church to the Cemetery so our friends won't be lost. The Police did a very good job. I'm amazed of what I experienced today. It's my first time seeing a funeral with cars following the Hearse. I've never seen one before, maybe because people don't bother hiring Policemen to help them coz it's pretty expensive. The cars on the other side of the road and beside us pulled over to the side. The travel to the cemetery was very peaceful.

We had lunch in our house after the burial and we enjoyed having our friends around the house with their kids. The time, effort and money we spent are all worth it. I hope my MIL is happy of what we did for her.

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