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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ipad for Me?

It never crossed my mind to own an Ipad coz I know it's expensive and besides I already have a laptop. But lately I can't use my laptop if Claira is around coz she wants to sit on my lap and do the typing. I told hubby that it would be nice if my cellphone has a bigger screen so it would be useful enough to use the internet coz we're wasting money paying the internet with my phone now but I'm not really using it because of the small screen. Hubby thought that cellphones with bigger screens are still not useful coz the letters are too tiny to read so he suggest having the Ipad instead. I'm not too crazy about the Ipad but when I saw how happy Claira was after touching the Ipad in the store I decided to get one for me but I think Claira will be the one to use it. I hope the Ipad will keep Claira occupied so I can check my emails and facebook with my laptop. :)

1 comment:

NovaS said...

you deserve that chel, go get one...