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Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm Back...

It's more than a month already since my last post here. I've been facebooking most of the time when I'm online and I've been busy as a mom and housewife. I was thinking that I should stop blogging and spend less time online so I can give more time with my family and do more of the unending chores. But then I realized that I should still blog every now and then so if I go nuts, I can express what's in my mind here. So now I'm back to blogging coz I'm going nuts already and writing here is good for me. :)


JK said...

hello I know its been a while but im visiting you and wishing you a wonderful weekend...

Lynn said...

ana jud sis, pahungaw jud diri sa. haha. bitaw oi, makatabang baya no. pahungaw ra man sad ko sa akong blogs sa akong gibati if wa koy maka istorya. (",)

Michelle said...

@ jk: thanks for dropping by! :)
@ Lynn: Mao lagi sis, samot na jud Kung naa naka dire Kay walay silingan ma chika2. Anhi na Lang jud ta pahungaw sa gibati. Hehe