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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blue Crabs in Coconut Milk

I'm lucky today coz I got 5 live blue crabs from the Asian Market. Claira wanted to pick them up by hand which scared me coz these crabs are mad. hehe I bet they don't want to be eaten by anybody. And I noticed that the crabs that will fight for their life are the good meaty one so I try to find that. At home I remember my grandma's recipe for crabs. She once made a crab with coconut milk but it's very delicious and I tried it once and that's it. She said that she had it in Singapore during her stop over there from the US to Philippines. I try to remember the taste and what's in it. I'm hoping that my experiment is as good as my grandma's and it was. Thank God! :)

The crabs trying to escape. hehe

Cooked 3 of them for my first try. Yum!

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