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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


With all the cravings I had lately, the acid reflux, dizzy, getting hungry at 3 am and other signs of being pregnant that I experienced again I thought I should try taking a home pregnancy test last December 1st even if I don't trust it. And the result was in the picture below. But then yesterday I was bleeding and today a lump of tissue came out when I sneeze. I thought maybe it's nothing, maybe I'm not pregnant but deep inside I want to know what's going on. Hubby told me to call my OB for an appointment coz we don't know if it's nothing or maybe it's serious so I called my friend who's working with my OB if I can have an appointment ASAP. She told me yesterday that they were booked so I have to wait for a vacant slot or if somebody cancel an appointment then she'll call me.

This morning my friend called and told me that she put me in and asked me if I can go this afternoon. I called her back and told her that I can go then I called hubby so he can babysit Claira and go with me at my OB's office. We had a long talk with the practitioner and she said “Maybe it was a false pregnancy test but if the blood test result says that you’re pregnant depending on the level of numbers then maybe we don’t need to do ANYTHING or do a SURGERY before you get pregnant again”. Then a woman draw some blood from me for the blood test. The result will be tomorrow afternoon.

I wish I’m pregnant but with the bleeding going on I hope I’m not. But if I’m really pregnant then I hope the baby is OK. Lapit na Christmas. Gift mo sa akin Lord yong blood test ko ha. hehe I know God knows what’s best for me…

1 comment:

Jenn said...

sorry to hear about this mich. i hope you're just fine and that if it's any consolation, there's always a next time. but i know it's hard. take care.