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Friday, February 25, 2011

Late Valentine's Dinner with Friends

My friends and I had dinner for the Valentine's day but since we're all busy we decided to celebrate after the Holiday. As usual we had a dress code which is red and pink just for fun. lol And it's funny coz the people at the restaurant were looking at us. They're probably wondering what's going on or if we're breast cancer survivors. haha Anyways, after eating dinner we shopped at the mall for 30 minutes then headed home for coffee and dessert. A friend of mine baked a chocolate cake so she went home and brought her cake to our house and I run out of creamier for the coffee so another friend went home to get one for us. We met in the house and continue our chitchats, eating and drinking coffee. I try not to drink something with caffeine if I can coz of my acne so I chose the diet pepsi caffeine free while the rest had coffee. We had good laughs and good food. Looking forward for the next one. :)

coffee time

funny pose! lol

outside the resto.

busog na. haha

1 comment:

Ilocana said...

It's all fun pag nagkita-kita. :)
Love our group, mga busy wives/moms and have wonderful husbands who understood our needs to have a little time for ourselves. :)