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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mango Cake

An experiment that turned out so delicious! Our neighbor who'd like to share her homemade desserts gave us a coconut cake at one time and hubby and I liked it so much coz the icing is not too sweet. It's just perfect so on Claira's birthday I asked if I can have the recipe which she handed me within that week.

I once had a mango cake from Goldilocks when hubby and I went to California and it was good. So I decided to make a mango cake using my neighbor's icing recipe with honey mango instead of coconut and I was hoping that mine will turn out better. The result was way better than the one I had from Goldilocks. Hubby and I love it and Claira too!

My first experiment

Second try and I made another one last week. It's that delicious. :)

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