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Friday, September 2, 2011

Baked Lechon

If I crave for lechon, I baked one in the oven instead of roasting or grilling outside.  It's yummy and crunchy!


Lynn said...


Puwede ko ngayo recipe ani sis? Gitagaan ko recipe sa mo family friend about lechon kawali, wa man pork belly sila baligya sa supermarket diri. Sa Asian store, i-order pa daw. Wa pud ko ka-ask pila da.

Michelle said...

sure sis! ok lang ug dili pork belly imong gamiton. kaning akong gamit kay picnic man, morag paa man tali ni sya sa baboy. ang importante nga naay skin. mas ganahan ko aning picnic kay di kaayo tambok unlike sa pork belly nya mas cheaper pod ni. naa lang ni sya bone in the middle so i just slice next to the bone for my spices. i use lemongrass, whole black pepper, garlic, scallion and salt. bake low and slow. try baking 275 to 300 deg F for 3 or 4 hours depending on how big is your meat. it's trial and error at first coz of the different oven temperature. i always use my small convection oven and im still not a pro in making this lechon. hopefully if i make maybe 50 times of this baked lechon i'll be able to master the temp. good luck sis!

Lynn said...

hehe. thank u ani, sis. i'll take note jud kay mingaw na ko sa food nato oi.

Michelle said...

you're welcome sis. :)