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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pancit Bihon

Bihon, a very popular dish in the Philippines that I crave every now and then. It's always present in every party.  Claira and I love to eat pancit bihon so I was experimenting on making some.  I ate a lot of pancit bihon here but I can't forget the best bihon I had in my hometown.  There's a chinese restaurant that makes the most delicious bihon that I've tasted and I'm looking for that taste.  After hearing stories of what the chinese restaurants secret is, I took the plunge and tried my own version of pancit bihon.  Finally, I got it!


Lynn said...

mingaw na pud ko aning pancit ba. ngita ko recipe online. lami-an ra ba nig lomi si BA, basi maganahan pud siya ani. :)

Michelle said...

di naka kinahanglan mangita ug recipe sis, naa rana sa likod sa pancit bihon nga package gibutang.