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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Biko is a dessert that we Filipinos love to eat.  It is made of white sweet sticky rice.  I wasn't a fan on this before but after I tried the delicious biko made of black rice, I started to like it.  The first time I tried making one didn't turn out good.  The black rice was hard and kind of uncook.  The second time I added the white sweet sticky rice and turn out ok.  People are digging in with my biko but for me it's still not perfect.  I tried again the third time using what others said to soak the black rice overnight and it's still tough when I finish cooking it.  Maybe I bought the wrong black rice but hubby liked it so it's ok.  Next time I'll try using the white sweet sticky rice.  Maybe it will turn out perfect.  But the secret to the yummy biko is really the sauce we call "latik", made of coconut milk and brown sugar but it takes a lot of time to make it.  Good thing I have a little helper to stir my sauce while I'm doing something else.


NovaS said...

makalaway imong biko....

Michelle said...

i know. pero wapa jud na nako ma perfect ang black rice. mo try lang gihapon ko basin pa diay ma perfect na madugay. hehe