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Saturday, March 10, 2012

An Angel on Earth Twice in One Day

Yes, I believe that there are angel's everywhere and angel's on earth that we don't know who they were until we met them.  Sometimes it's our family, friends or even strangers that God sent to help us whenever we need one. 

Today a friend of mine called and told me how bad she felt about a family member who tried to put her into trouble.  She felt sorry for disturbing me and she said she just want to tell a friend about her feelings before she explode and my name popped in her head... the reason why she called me.  I don't mind spending a little time listening and making her feel better.  I'm glad that God choose me to be somebody's angel today. 

Later this evening I went to Barnes and Noble for the Moonpie event for Claira where kids get to munch on a moonpie while somebody (a volunteer I guess) read a story to the kids about the new book that's coming out soon.  It was kinda late when the event was finished but I told Claira beforehand to have our dinner at Meteor Buffet to eat some crab legs and shrimps after the event.  So off we went to the chinese restaurant.  Then I saw 2 of my Filipina friends there and while I was getting some food, a woman asked me if I'm Filipina.  I said Yes right away and she told me that she's a Filipina looking for a fellow Filipina coz she's new in this area and homesick.  We exchanged phone numbers and addresses and said good bye.  While I was eating at the restaurant it popped in my head that God sent me that place to help this lonely woman when she told me "Now I felt I'm home".  Then I realized that earlier today I asked God to use me so I can help others in some way, something that doesn't need money and He answered my prayer right away.  I'm amazed! It felt so good knowing that I can be an earth angel too.  Just like my friends, they showed up at my house bringing delicious food when I don't feel like cooking without telling them.  I'm sure you too are an angel to somebody sometimes. 

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