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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Potty Training in One Day

Too good to be true but it's a pocket book that I read lately to prepare Claira's potty training.  One member of the Circle of Mom's mentioned this pocket book that it works all the time when she shared it to her friends and relatives.  I took the plunge to potty train Claira last Friday night after her Doctor's appointment when her Doctor said "She can be potty trained in 1 day".  So I started the process in the evening so the next day Saturday, we have a whole day to potty train her.  And I think it works.  She had lots of accidents on Friday night but yesterday afternoon, Saturday, she went to the big potty without wetting her underpants a couple times.  Then today we went to Church and Walmart to practice going out without diapers.  There were little wets in her underpants but nothing to be freaked out coz it's not dripping on her legs.  In short, she's doing great for less than two days of potty training her.  I almost gave up yesterday morning but good thing I didn't.  Next weekend she'll probably be fully potty trained.  Amazing! 

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