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Friday, June 22, 2012

I Love to Dance (continuation)

When I was in first year HS, I auditioned for the Dance Troupe called “Flickers and Glitters” with  of course the judges in front of me and I passed. We danced (the modern dance) 3 times during the Flickers and Glitters Night in our school with different groups in each dance and perform whenever there's an event in our school and town. We made our dance from scratch, choosing the music and composing the steps based on what we saw on TV shows then choreographed each dance with ourselves. Our Dance Troupe teacher’s job is to criticize, correct us if he didn’t like the steps we chose and if he’s satisfied then he’ll approved. We practice every single day and made mistakes along the way coz dancing is trial and error. You don’t know if the actions look nice until you perform it with the rest of the group. So we recreate steps until we perfected it. The same thing with the choreography, we keep on changing it until its perfect! It’s difficult to do things at first but I believe that practice makes perfect.  I was one of the star dancers in the group and I thank God that He made me “the little one”. It's one of the ticket of being a star dancer. Lol

I stopped dancing in second year HS because I moved to my grandfather’s house (father side) in Cebu.  Third year HS I auditioned for the Dance Troupe in my new School and passed.  And yeah, there were judges again.  This time we danced Folk Dances. Honestly not my type coz I think it’s boring but I learn to love it coz we dance to compete with other schools and it inspire me to do my best.  We had a nice teachers (oldies but the best).  For them, mistake is unacceptable.  We made mistakes during the first few practices but they’ll make sure that on the day of the competition, we know what to do.  And boy, having mean teachers isn’t bad at all when you hear the name of your school won the first place!  The best feeling ever after all the yelling and criticizing and them arguing during practice! Lol  But we received the best compliment when they called us “The Undefeated Champion”.  Always the first place, every year! Then I created a group called “The Dream Girls” to dance what I love, the modern dance mix with jazz. 

I admit I made mistakes and I’m not perfect, I think we all do.  The same thing with my Dance Troupe instructors but the important thing is to learn from our mistakes. 

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