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Friday, June 15, 2012

I Love to Dance!

I started dancing in public when I think I was 5 years old with Hawaian dance the “Pearly Shells” music.  I think I did a pretty good job on my first performance so after that I danced again when I was in Kindergarten at I think 6 or 7 years old.  I didn’t do well on the second time I danced in front of other parents dancing ballet and I saw my father left when me and my cousin who happens to be my partner forgot to perform one step.  We did catch up though coz after a second we remember what it was but my father was embarrassed and told me when I arrive home that I will never dance again. I was heartbroken because I love dancing but I respect my father’s decision. 

To make the story short, my father died 5 days after my 8th birthday.  I was heartbroken again but this time I am free to do what I love… dancing.  I am not the favorite child of my mom among the 4 siblings so whenever I want to dance if there’s an upcoming event in school, I have to begged my mom.  It’s not that I am a terrible dancer, it’s just that she doesn’t want to spend money on my costumes but I was able to manage.  I do chores in the house, I mean a lot of chores so I can get what I want…  dancing and playing.

When I was in first year HS, I auditioned for the Dance Troupe called “Flickers and Glitters” with the judges in front of me and passed.  We danced (modern dance) 2 - 3 times during the Flickers and Glitters Night in our school with different groups in each dance and perform whenever there's an event in our school and town. We made our dance from scratch, choosing the music and composing the steps based on what we saw on TV shows then choreographed each dance with ourselves.  Our Dance Troupe teacher’s job is to criticize, correct us if he didn’t like the steps we chose and if he’s satisfied then he’ll approved.  We practice everyday and made a lot of mistakes while choosing the steps coz dancing is trial and error.  You don’t know if the actions look nice until you perform it with the rest of the group.  So we recreate steps until we’re satisfied and comfortable of what we’re doing.  The same thing with the choreography, we keep on changing it until its perfect!  I was one of the star dancers in the group and I thank God that He made me “the little one”.  It's one of the ticket to be a star dancer. Lol

(To be contibued)

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