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Monday, August 6, 2012

Kaffir Plant

A friend of mine mentioned that dried Kaffir leaves for Thai cooking is good and hard to find.  It's not even sold in the Asian Market unless you ask for it coz they only sell it for the restaurant.  When I search online how much it cost, I was surprised that it's expensive.  So what I did was order a plant online and grow it myself.  When it arrived, there's only 1 branch with leaves.  Today, that 1 branch of kaffir plant grows like a bush.  More and more branches coming out and it has flowers and tiny fruits too.  Soon I can dry my own Kaffir leaves or use them fresh.  I still have to search how to use the fruit coz I am not familiar with this plant.  Or maybe just use it as a juice since it's a citrus plant. :)

My bushy Kaffir plant

Kaffir buds

Three tiny Kaffir fruits


NovaS said...

glad to be here again, never heard about that plant but because you mentioned it, researching about what it can do more for us would be interesting, thanks for sharing...

btw, do you still have the kalamansi plant? puede mangayo ug seeds sa imong kalamansi fruit? lol

Catherine said...

This is the only thing I will miss about the warmer weather- my herb garden! Growing your own herbs and vegetables is is so nice to have all those beautiful ingredients right outside your house. Blessings, Catherine