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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Recreating Lomi

Lomi is a noodle soup that my daughter and I enjoyed eating when we were on vacation in the Philippines. It's very comforting for me and it helps my daughter’s stomach ache when she was sick. I felt bad for my friends here in the US who can't eat it with me coz I know they miss the Filipino foods too. Before our flight to Philippines, my friends told me to eat all the foods that I can't eat here in the US and to show them the pictures of what I ate. They said that they'll just imagine that they were eating it too. Lol Yeah and I did as what they told me whenever I can find a wifi and if I have the time to do so. I know they're drooling just by looking at the pictures I sent and so I had this fabulous idea now that I'm back. I recreate the lomi soup that I had in my homeland and I said to myself that if it taste really good, I will deliver it to my friends house with no warning whatsoever. Of course, I have to make it sure that it's almost meal time so they don't need to cook for that particular meal. And so I chose lunch time. Pretty clever huh!
I delivered my homemade Lomi to 4 of my friends and they said it was delicious! Mission accomplished! 

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