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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Recreating my Aunt's Hamonada

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I craved the hamonada that my Aunt cooked when I was in the Philippines. So when my Aunt asked me of what foods I want her to cook, I excitedly said "hamonada"! Oh, I can't wait to eat it again coz I haven't eaten it for almost a decade! Can you imagine that? The lunch I had at my Aunt's house was one of the best days in my vacation there. I finally get to eat the foods I miss every now and then! Now that I'm back here in the US and back to reality that I can't eat the foods I want to eat unless I cook it myself, I recreate my Aunt's hamonada. My Aunt didn't tell me the right ingredients she used so I have to study her hamonada while eating it. My first try of recreating it was not bad at all. It almost tastes the same as her hamonada. Only a little bit of something is missing and someday I'll be able to find what that missing ingredient is. Someday I will.

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