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Saturday, March 9, 2013

No More Caffeine for Me? Really?

No caffeine for me because of my acne.  I was like “Really?” That was my reaction when my dermatologist told me last year. He said "No caffeine and no spicy food".  I like to eat spicy food once in a while but not crazy about it so I thought, "Ok, maybe not every day but occasionally it’s probably okay".  I continued drinking regular coffee because I noticed that decaf is giving me a headache.  I drink 1 to 2 cups a day and sometimes there were days when I don’t drink coffee because I don’t want to be addicted by it.  I was doing okay by then until recently.  I hate seeing my acne when I’m in front of the mirror so I pricked them which made it worst according to my Doctor during my last visit. So no more pricking!  I hope it’s that easy but my hands are not tied and I can feel the roughness of my face.  Haha  I am trying my best not to prick pimples anymore.  My goal is to have an acne free face and that’s a good motivation for me.
My Doctor once said “You’re just getting older”, and lack of sleep and foods that I thought were the root of my acne doesn’t count.  So I thought this is my new life, acne and aging.
Then one day I started to lost trust on my dermatologist because my acne keeps on coming back and he’s been changing my medication almost every visit and it’s getting costly.  This time I want to know the root of this problem so I can be in control of my life.  I read a book about Acne written by another Dermatologist and discovered something that my Doctor don’t agree.  The book mentioned no caffeine and no spicy food but there’s more.  Hormone imbalance, lack of sleep and other foods triggers acne.  Now I know. 

I had my coffee this morning after a week or so of not drinking it and I felt good after.  I know I shouldn’t be drinking anything with caffeine but occasional drinking probably doesn’t hurt.  Dr. Oz said that dieters are allowed to have a cheat day once a week to stay on track and to stop binge eating.  Valerie Bertinelli said that cheat is a bad word, she would call it indulge.  And today is my day to indulge that coffee.  And yes I did, with a good book on the side. ^_^

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