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Friday, May 9, 2008

Anyone who knows Thess, please contact me...

My friend Bregie has a friend Marius who had a long lost friend Thess. Here's the story from my friend Bregie of why she posted this pic of Thess in her blog.

From Bregie:

A good friend Marius ask me some favor to help him locate his long lost friend Thess who is married to an English man. According to him, he lost contact with Thess along time ago and hoping one day he and Thess will have communication once again. He sent me some pictures but guys this is taken 10 years ago hehehehe, but still were both positive that by posting this picture we can locate Thess!

Am asking favor to all my friends to refer my blog or repost this to their own pages to spread this in the blogsphere. I wish in this way, we can make Marius happy! Thanks in advance guys!


BREGIE said...

Mich, salamat kaayo sa imong pag repost,how sweet of you dear! God bless!

Michelle said...

No probs dear briggs. It's my pleasure to help somebody thru my blog. :)

bb_anne said...

i'll repost this one too sis...tomorrow nlng..^^

Michelle said...

bb_anne: thanks girl! i wish we can help Marius thru our blog. :)