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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Celebrating Philippine Independence Day in USA

Happy Father's Day! Today we also celebrate the Philippine Independence Day. Here are the photos that hubby and I took this afternoon. :)

My fellow Pinoys at the Church Pavilion.

Wow, Lechon! Yum yum!

Want some chicharon?

Look at the Philippine flag, it's waving when the wind blows it. Look at the lechon, it's already a skeleton. nyahahaha


Rocks said...

happy independence day to all of you there..what afun day to celebrate father's day too.:)

jenn_US said...

wow its so nice u went into a filipino community gathering.

Ilocana said...

Naman,naman,,na-miss ko yan ah..Dami ba umatend?

Michelle said...

haha ok lang, marami kayong di naka attend. :)