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Friday, June 6, 2008

My Ice chocolate drink

This is what I'm talking about that I saw at Starbucks. I made some for our dessert tonight and man, it was so great! Hubby added vanilla ice cream in his ice chocolate drink and then I tried putting some ice cream for my second glass also. The result? Chocolate Milkshake! haha


Ilocana said...

Sabi ko invite us first..ha,ha,ha.
Hmmn, looks yummy. Maybe next night-out, instead of going to Starbucks we'll just go to your place. nyaha,ha,ha...

Michelle said...

Hahaha That's fine with me. We'll make mocha latte, ice choco drink, ice coffee drink or just a cup of coffee. :)

Ras said...

Aha, very nice drinks you prepared. I don't want to sound like a mother but, it'd be a wise thing to consume sweet food/drinks moderately. The risk of contracting diabetes or the likes is not to be taken lightly.

laura said...

wow looks so yummy pwede na u kalabanin starbucks, patikim hehehe

Michelle said...

Ras: I understand. That's we sound like a mother if we care for somebody. Besides, diabetes is not only hereditary but also on what we feed in our mouth. I don't really eat too many sweets because I will easily get sick with tonsillitis. Aside from that, I don't have a very sweet tooth which I am thankful for. I can live without eating sweets for months even if I have some available in my pantry. Anyway, thanks for the concern. I appreciate that. :)

Laura: haha yan lang ang alam kong gawin na meron din sa starbucks. yong kape nila ibang lasa kesa timpla ko kaya wag na lang. ^_^ pwede sana tikman mo kaya lang ang layo mo. bigay ko na lang ang recipe para magawa mo rin kung gusto mo. haha