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Monday, August 4, 2008

Am I Pregnant?

After I almost passed out at the church last July 27, hubby decided that I should go see a Doctor so we'll know if I have some health problems that needs to be taken cared of. The next day July 28, hubby and I went to a walk in Clinic coz he doesn't want to wait for another day to know if I'm really sick or what. They asked me what made me go there and so I told them the story about what happened in the Church. But I also informed them that it happened to me before, not once but many times. Aside from missing my period, I also informed them that my period is irregular so they will know of what tests to make, not just a pregnancy test but also a test if I am anemic and etc. I complained about catching up my breath and so the Doctor suggest to have an X-ray but she said they're going to check first if I'm pregnant before doing the X-ray. There was a little miscommunication between the Doctor and one of the assistants I guess coz assistant A told me that she'll bring me to the X-ray room for the X-ray test and gave me the lab-gown to wear for the X-ray. She instructed me to take off my necklace which I forgot to do. Good thing she reminded me when we're at the X-ray room already. I wonder where to place my necklace and just decided to put it on the chair next to the door when assistant B knocked and asked assistant A if she haven't taken my X-ray yet. Assistant A said "Not yet" and assistant B said that they're going to do the pregnancy test first before doing the X-ray so assistant B instructed me what to do next. I went back to my room after following all the instructions and patiently waited there while watching TV. Assistant B knocked the door again and took some blood out of me for some blood test. She took 2 tubes, one has something inside it like oil or something and the other one is empty and smaller. She filled those two tubes with my blood and said that in a few minutes we'll know if I'm pregnant or not. I was waiting and waiting and waiting, suddenly the Doctor came back and told me that they won't do the X-ray test on me because there's nothing wrong with me. She said that my blood was okay and she won't give me any prescription because I'm pregnant. I said "Ok, cool!" I was a little surprised hearing what she said but while waiting for the result of the test, I was thinking that whatever the result is, I'll be fine. She asked me if I'm expecting and I said "not really, but hmmm" and she said "a little bit?" and I said "yeah, 50-50". She told me to have an appointment with an OBGYN soon. I was actually happy when I know it coz I keep on teasing hubby that I'm pregnant if my period is delayed. I thought that this time I can't tease him anymore coz it's happening. haha But at the same time I am on the denial stage. I don't really know if I have to believe what the Doctor said and hubby is thinking the same thing too. My mind was thinking a lot of things about pregnancy, changes in my body, taking care of a baby, waking up at night, breastfeeding, quit working, be a stay at home mom and so on. I was laughing so hard of how hubby reacted when I told him that I'm pregnant. He said "No, you're not" but when I told him of what the Doctor told me about not giving me the prescription and X-ray because of it, the news sort of sink in his brain that this is really true. He congratulated me and was quiet for a while. I understand how he felt about it because things will soon be changed. He told me not to tell anybody yet unless the OBGYN confirms that I am pregnant. So we waited for today's appointment for a second opinion but the result will be tomorrow. They took another pregnancy test but they're using a blood test instead of urine test because they said that urine test is sometimes not accurate unlike the blood test. I had my Pap test and physical check up while hubby is beside me. The practitioner said that my uterus is different. She said that some women have a forward uterus, parallel and backward and mine is backward so it's hard for her to tell if I'm really pregnant. She thinks that I'm pregnant but she said that she might be wrong. But even with that assessment, she assumed that I'm pregnant. She told me to eat more protein and eat a little amount of food 6 times a day instead of eating 3 big meals to avoid feeling dizzy, nausea, and so on. Caffeine is okay but a limit of 2 cups a day and I have to drink lots of water. Drinking lots of water is so hard for me to do. I don't really drink enough water but lately I'm feeling that I'm always thirsty. She said that it's important to be hydrated coz that's one thing that can cause dizziness. Fruits should only be 4 servings a day and not more than that. No junk foods if possible, no alcohol, no smoking and I can only eat fish with less mercury and that's twice a week only. No weight lifting exercise (which I don't really do) and I have to avoid lifting stuff 20 lbs or more. And the interesting part is gaining weight. For the 1st trimester I don't need to gain weight according to the book that I read and according to the practitioner who talked to us today. But I need to gain a total of 40 lbs before giving birth. I forgot of when I should start gaining weight but wow, that's a lot of weight to gain! I can't imagine myself being fat and I don't like the feeling of being fat. Maybe just a growing tummy is okay but not me becoming fat. It's hard for me to lose weight coz I'm too lazy to exercise. Anyways, if the result said that I'm pregnant, hubby and I will celebrate. haha


Scotty's Princess said...

I will celebrate, too Chelle, hehe! I really hope it's positive. Children have always been a blessing. But if it's on the negative, do not lose heart. You're still very young.Puede pa makahimo ug daghan, hehe.

briggs said...

Chelle sana positive talga... Wish you luck!Congratulations in advance!

WeblogLearner said...

that is quite...well..if it happens to me, i am dying to loose weight... not that i am fat but i want to maintain the 45-48 kg range. now i am ranging 50-53...what a bad thing!

Good luck and i do hope what your wish is true, pregnant or not. ^_^

Such a long recount of your doctor visit. Just take care in case. you might pass out alone and i know that it is dangerous...i passed out when i was in university days and i broked my forehead banging straight the floor... now i am like harry potter forehead scarred.. can you imagine that?

May I ask a favor BTW? Please join the survey at the lowest right side of my page at I would highly appreciate your participation. Thanks a bunch dear.

--WebbieStuffs, the Wanderer...

Lynn said...

I knew it! Congratulations, Mich. Wala pa ang result sa second test but i'm pretty sure, the result is the same. Good for u!

Take extra care!

Lynn said...

re sa cave, mayo diha kay developed na caves so tourist attraction na siya. diri kay wala man pang develop ang pinas. aw naa gud siguro pero sa bulsa ra naadto. lol.

Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

wish u the best chelle

Mummy SHENG said...

oh my, i really hope you are preggers! yehey! i'm so happy for you michelle!

it will be a totally new world for you and hubby!

congrats in advance!


jenn_US said...

wow congratulations, girl! im happy for u. that's a blessing! :) they say its hard during the first trimester of your pregnancy, but i hope ull do just fine.

Sweetiepie said...

Congrats to to both of you!. wow! I laughed really hard of what you said about gaining 40 pounds.....hehehe you`re right it`s a lot to gain and you would wonder where to start!

texas_sweetie said...

wowww congrats,preggy naka.don't worry about gaining fat dinala rana sa babay if ever mo tubo man gani ka.pero I think dili ra kaau ka modaku during pregnancy.

anha naka mo tambok,prehas naku-- after 3 months kay lami kaayo pakal gutom permi.whoaa hehehe..

PERO AYAW JUD BALIBARI ANG ANGEL KAY BEING A MOTHER MAO JUD NA PINA KA FULFILLING CAREER A WOMAN CAN HAVE.Lingaw kaayo cge hagwa sa liwat jud as in labi na nig smile sa baby,mura ka gibayaw sa panganod... mark my word,tinoud jud ni tanan.

Cecile n' Matt said...

congratulation dear, am so happy for the both of you :-) yeheeey. she is going to have a baby na. wow! take care of yourself and your baby :-) esp. the first three months.

Pinaysmile said...

Passing by here and Congratulation.