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Monday, August 4, 2008

Perfect Blend of Friendship

I would like to thank my dear friend Butchay for sharing this perfect blend of friendship. I am so thankful having her as my friend here in blogosphere. Though we rarely visit each other because of our busy life but still she was able to remember me and share this perfect award. Thanks a lot for this Chay! It's so nice of you to share these 4 sweet latte's with me. I love it!

I want to pass this to Sheng, Ilocana, Laura, Lynn, Ellaine, Bregie, Twerlyn, and to all my blogger friends. ^_^


rheiboy17 said...

hmmmn, for sure you will blog the best news ever. I wish you and your hubby be blessed with a cute, smart, and loving child. "Stork, stork, deliver the baby now!"

WeblogLearner said...

Congratulatns for the award, Mich... I saw many around this award these days, well, especially among the active commenters around. I do not make tags and awards but i enjoy seeing them from others.

--WebbieStuffs, the Wanderer...

Lynn said...

Thanks a lot for this, Mich. Mwah! (",)

Mummy SHENG said...

thank you so much for this!

Ilocana said...

Wow naman! Thank you very much Michelle for this. I'll grab it later ok doc..