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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Charice on Oprah Show today...

What a blessed and talented girl. She's at Oprah Show today because Oprah wants to know more about Charice after she performed at Oprah Show a couple of months ago. Oprah calls her the most talented girl in the World.

I know a little bit about Charice life because of today's Oprah Show where Charice talked about her past of what she remember when she was 3 yrs old. It was a sad and traumatic experience for her but her interest in singing made her dream come true. Now she's a star with the help of David Foster. Thanks Oprah and David for helping this very talented girl.

There are clips of today's Oprah Show with Charice in It really made me teary eyed coz she's awesome. Better check it out. :)


Lynn said...

She already guested at Oprah twice? Heard this first from u Mich. Haven't even seen the first bcoz i forgot the sked. Will check youtube!

Howdy Mich? How's your pregnancy so far?

Michelle said...

Yeah, ako gi post ang video diri courtesy from youtube nya kay mosapaw man music sa akong pics mao ako na lang gi delete. Next week she'll have a duet with Celine Dion sa Madison Square Garden New York. Kahilakon jud ko nagtan-aw sa show kay luoy man diay iya kaagi. Ang show ni Oprah bout ni Charice is Dream Come True kay sa una raman diay nag wish si Charice nga maka duet si Celine. Nice jud ang show, gi record jud nako aron makakita akong miga diri. haha

Lynn said...

Mao ba. Hope i would be able to see that one. Maayo jud ni si Charice da!

Anyways, maayo kay nalingaw kag kutingting diha. Padayun lang, Mich aron di ka ma bored. Hehe.