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Monday, September 8, 2008

Last day of work...

Today is my last day of work. I decided to quit working coz last week I've been experiencing shortness of breath at work. I ran to the basement or bathroom to get the colder temperature. I've been drinking my high protein energy drink to keep me going, chewing ice to keep me cool and drinking water so I won't be dehydrated but it didn't work. Last Friday was the worst day at work. I thought I'm going to pass out because of the heat. It seems that the air conditioner is not working and the heat is killing me. I talked to hubby about it and hubby told me to do what I need to do. Of course, he doesn't want me to be sick at work. He only has one requirement if I quit working. He's thinking that I might be bored at home so he said that he's only requirement is not to be mad at him if I'm bored already. ^_^

I talked to our store manager today and told her that I want to quit. Before I say a word, she already said "Nooooooo!". Then I asked if she knows what's in my mind and she answered No. haha She asked me of what I want to talk about and I said I want to quit working because the heat is killing me. I explained about what happened last week and I think she already knows that it's coming so she said Okay and asked me of when is my last day. I then said "today" and she said okay. She said something that I didn't understand but I didn't bother to ask because I already got the answer. -_^ I think she said that she won't put in my record that I really quit just in case I want to come back. Hmmm She's hoping that I'll go back to work someday and I said I surely will if my baby is already 5 yrs old or if I'm feeling okay. Then we laugh.

Tomorrow, I don't need to get up early. But I have a lot of things to do before hubby comes home from Boston. He's on business travel since yesterday and will be back Friday night. And starting tomorrow I need to go to the fitness center for my walking exercise and find other things to do so I won't be bored here. But if ever I get bored, I have a choice to go back to work. I can cut the hours and choose to work twice a week. That sounds good to me. But for now, I want to get more sleep and take my time to be healthy and fit. I just wish that the baby is doing okay inside my little tummy. :)


Me, the islands and the world said...

hope you are doing fine na. lisod jud ang buntis noh..lalo na sa mga biglaang change of weather temperature. take good care.

Lynn said...

Your health and condition is important more than anything else, Mich. So take time to rest. Sagdi ng work. Lingawa na lang imo sarili og kutingting maski unsa diha sa balay. Lol.


Mara said...

Take care of yourself. :) Don't want you to pass out or anything. :) I don't think you'll get bored. You're pregnant, so you have a lot to keep you busy with that alone! lol :D


Rayne (Thoughts)

Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

well, i guess it's good for u to get some rest during this time

Cecile2 said...

you did the right thing to do dear, for you and the baby :-) proud of you! and thay=t was nice for your boss to et you go back again to work if you want to:-) you must have been a pretty good emloyee. anyway here dropped ec, thanks you and for the vote as wll :-) pls do vote again today! have a nice day!

Amarnath said...

hai michelle...ur posts are too cute...i feeel tat uer hubby is toooooooooooo lucky ....almost everone face the same consequence wen leaving a job....

i have added u in my links..hope u too
mine is

I Love Philippines! said...

that is a very drastic move, Mich. That means you will be a full time mom then. Happy preggy days and take care always.