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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Delish Brunch

I had a very satisfying brunch last week. I want to thank my friends Mary Ann for the pure cocoa tablets (from Philippines) which I was smelling for days before I cook them and Amy for the shrimps that I mixed with the scrambled egg. I remember when I was in High School that my grandfather's house maid cooked this very delicious shrimp mix with scrambled egg and fry it. Mine is not as good as what I remember but the smell is the same and the taste is not perfect but good. :)


WeblogLearner said...

I never tried this shrimp omelet yet. I use salami for my frittata but shrimp is new. I will try this nga to see the taste din. ^^

Lynn said...

Good for u, Mitch. You should always have a hearty meal para happy rin si baby. Hehe.

Niweys, tagged u.

Take care!

Michelle said...

The shrimp omelet of my grandfather's house maid really taste good. But I remember that hers is kinda moist or oily and mine is dry. I wonder if adding more oil to fry the shrimp omelet will make it taste better. :)

Michelle said...

Lynn: I think my baby is happy now that I'm eating what I really like. I'm so thankful for the recipes that I received from friends and relatives. :)