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Thursday, September 25, 2008

I burn myself

I burn myself yesterday while deep frying the chicken wings. I was watching TV with hubby and suddenly we heard from the kitchen that the cover of the pan fell. I hurriedly run to the kitchen and uncover the pan where I fry the chicken wings (coz I thought I burn it) then some of the boiling oil went to my left arm. It hurts for a couple of hours but I didn't notice the pain when I went to bed. Hubby said he'll buy an apron with long sleeves so it won't happen again but we've been looking for it before and we didn't find any apron with long sleeves. So now he's thinking that maybe a laboratory gown will do the job and he'll look for it. haha


WeblogLearner said...

I actually laughed at the idea of an apron with long sleeves... kasi it seems so weird and uncomfy.... I mean, you see those traditional aprons and how they are, just kind of strange if they got long sleeves. Just imagining now.. I bet better wear long sleeves or pick one of the long sleeved shirt you have and wear it everytime you cook top with an apron.

Lynn said...

Be careful, Mitch. I know how it feels nga matalsikan og init nga mantika. That's why i hate frying so much kay hadlok ko sa mantika. Hehe.

Hope your arm is okay though. Take care!

laura said...

Hello dear, I'm ok lang here. Ikaw yata ang hindi ok eh. Ano bang nangyari at pati katawan mo gusto mong iprito? hehehe. pero ingat ka dapat lagi ha. God bless u!

Nancy said...

thanks for stopping by, Chel...stay safe and good luck on your pregnancy...

Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

ah oh, are you okay?

Anonymous said...

hoy Inday paghinay tawon kay na buntis raba ka dha.....dili maayo nang masamad ka din after that daghan kag e apply or e take..careful gyud hehehe advice man c manang.

Virginia said...

Busy sa amo upcoming wedding sa church. But I ma ok and still sometimes naa time for blogging..Anyway, thanks for dropping by. enjoy your day and God bless you.

Michelle said...

webloglearner: yeah, i wasn't sure if there's any apron with long sleeves but hubby was really serious shopping for it. i told him that there's no such apron with long sleeves. i guess he just want me to be safe every time i cook that's why he's imagining that kind of apron. haha and the lab. gown is i think easier to wear coz i had one when i was in college. hubby was thankful though that the oil didn't go into my eyes. he actually gave me a goggle to protect my eye when i cook. hahaha

lynn: same here lynn. i'm scared to fry anything before but there are times that i want to eat something fried so i have to take the risk sometimes. :)

laura: galit yata ang oil sa akin kaya pati ako gusto lutuin. :)

nancy: thanks nancy. ^_^

mica: yeah, i'm okay now. the pain was only a couple of hours after it happened. :)

simplymama: bitaw, unsaon naglibog naman ko kung unsa buhaton kay abi nako ug nilupad ang takob or ang manok napagod. haha

virginia: good luck sa inyong church wedding and thanks for dropping by here. :)