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Friday, September 26, 2008

Feeling weak again

I've been sleeping late at night again because of blogging. During the day I watch TV and do some chores if I'm not feeling weak. I don't understand why I'm experiencing breathlessness like what happened yesterday. I went to the Asian Market which only takes 10 mins. from here and I was there for less than an hour. After 30 minutes of staying there looking for what I need I was suddenly breathing a little faster again. I hurriedly finish getting what I need so I can go home right away. I drink the cold water in my bag when I'm in the car then I went home. When I arrived home I hurriedly drink my energy drink coz it's the only way to help me calm down. I watch TV while waiting for my energy drink to work then arranged what I bought when I was feeling better. This is the reason why I don't want to go out anymore coz I don't know what will happen to me if I go out alone. And if I do, I need to bring water and energy drink just in case I need them which make my bag heavy. I talked to my friend yesterday and she said that what I'm feeling normally happened during the first trimester but mine is late. She said that it's just part of being pregnant. I wish this strange feeling will soon be gone.


WeblogLearner said...

Just be careful then Mitch..Ingat palagi..I bet that is natural cguro sa nabubuntis, especially that you seem so delicate and it is your first time..

Lynn said...

It will be over soon, Mitch. I believe what you're feeling has something to do with your pregnancy.

Ingatz lang lagi. (",)

Anonymous said...

Hello Michelle, naa koy tag para nimo if naa ka time palihug nalang ug grabbed kung wala paka ato..ingat and I hope you feel better now. Ngon ana gud na basta buntis dai daghan batiin sa lawas din kapoy ilihok gusto lang cge higda. But, dili sad namaayo kay buntis mag need gyud ug exercise aron in the future dili ta maglisod ug panganak puhon.