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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Our Ladies Night Out

My friends and I went to our usual ladies night out again last night coz it's FRIDAY! hehe We had fun eating and chit chatting at our fave Chinese Restaurant then headed to Target to see if they have something on sale. :) We went to Starbucks after Target and enjoyed chit chatting there again. We didn't even know that its closing time already until one of the employees came to us and said that the store will close. haha We were like "What time is it?" and yeah it's 11:00 PM already but we didn't hear the announcement that they will close soon. Normally they have a countdown of how many minutes left before they close and this was our first time that somebody told us that it's time to close the store. hahaha We just laugh coz we normally leave Starbucks 30 minutes before closing time. Anyways, it only means that we really had fun coz we didn't notice the time anymore. And since all of us don't have a curfew time we decided to just stay in one car and continue chit chatting while eating boiled peanuts. Yeah, we were eating boiled fresh peanuts just like what Pinoys do in the Philippines after dinner. We miss those days when we go out and buy boiled peanuts on the street while we were in the Philippines. We were reminiscing and recalling our life in Pinas which made us drool while talking different Pinoy dishes. While we were inside the car eating peanuts, the police also was roaming around. It would be nice if there’s a place where we can stay outside and watch the stars while eating peanuts.

Happy Weekend! :)


Lara said...

Have a great weekend Mitch, dropped ec on you today.

Lynn said...

SOunds like you really had fun. Good for u, Mitch. Missed those chitchats with my girlfriends tuloy. Sigh...

Butchay said...

hello michelle how are you?

Ilocana said...

Sarap mag-chika with the boiled peanuts no?. Hmm, next time ano na naman kaya? Boiled saging? lol!!!